I’m sure God is very interested in the polity of this country yet He is not always happy when He sees that our welfare in life are assumed to be dependent on the political leadership or economic well-being of the country. He desires that we learn to trust Him daily for our welfare. He wants to give us a future because He knows that no earthly person can assure us of a future. He also desires that we end well (prosper) which is the prosperity of the soul. And no man can assure us of that as well. Hence, His thoughts concerning us are thoughts of peace. No man, no party, no General or General Overseer can guarantee us peace.

Therefore, He says to us “then you shall call upon me, pray to me and I will listen to your demands. You will also seek me and you will find me only when you truly and sincerely with all your heart search for me. You will find me and I will turn away your captivity….” Jer. 29:11-14 paraphrased.

The change that you and I need is not inherent in any political party. It is not in any of the contestants. Change is in God, He who does not Change at all. Daniel described God as one who changes times and seasons, removes kings and installs another…. You desire change? Desire God, not man.