New Mercy New Day
New Mercy New Day

Every new day presents us with fresh loads of God’s mercy and Grace. We are welcomed into each new day with strength, a product of joy that comes directly from the presence of God.

We wake daily to a new account of life, an opportunity to live better than we lived yesterday, hence, the need to die at night only to resurrect daily in the morning. Only a few majority make it back to the land of the living daily. So, start today better than you started yesterday.

And God called the day light…. God welcomes you daily into light, therefore live daily as a child of light because God is the Father of light.

Thank God for each day and live each day as a worship to God. Let each day reveal God’s praise in you. Live unto God today and declare with a loud voice that ‘the joy of the Lord is my strength.’ Attend a service today.God bless you.