Let me start by telling you a simple story. It happened to me. So read with your mind open. Try to see if you can learn any moral lesson from it.

I gave out my Nokia charger to a friend who I felt needed it more than I do as I thought I could afford to buy another easily. But I delayed in buying another one back as I was content with using a universal (desktop)charger to charge my battery.

Right energy

On one occasion, I tried to charge my phone in a church in Akure while a meeting was going on. I plugged it to the socket to charge but unknown to me, someone had displaced it from charging leaving it to discharge and apparently my battery was drained all out.

I tried to charge it for a long time but to no avail until I heard from someone, apparently a novice, who said I could boost the battery by using two naked wires connected to an electric source. As a desperate fella, I tried it out in secret and with caution as I perceive I could be playing with being electrified. Rather than get my battery bolstered, it killed it totally. I became furious with myself for being stupid trying out something I had proven to be true.

Recently, I was in a phone engineering work station where I noticed how they boost dead batteries. They use a 12volts adapter with its positive and negative charge. It made sense to me that to boost a 12 volts battery, you need an energy of same quality. An energy of higher quality would burn it even when it was meant to supply energy.

Meditating this morning, the story all made sense to me as I watch my dead HTC phone pick up as I tried charging it with a charger supposedly lower in chargeable amps. It struggled for a while before it picked up (after a long time), but I thought it would respond faster.

Lessons learnt:

1. The same source of energy gain can also be the same source of energy loss.

2. In trying to gain power, you can also lose power.

3. Use the appropriate energy required to bolster your life. Wrong energies could create more problems.

4. In trying to bring back the dead, you can cause more damage if not properly and carefully carried out. Better, let the dead bury their dead.

5. It’s always better to prevent a crisis than to try to salvage it.

6. No matter your desperation, seek an expert opinion. Never listen to hearsay.

7. Quality information is likely to produce quality result if carefully administered.

8. Patience solves fifty (50) percent of the problem. Patience is always part of the solution to any problem.

9. Think through about the problem and always reconsider the likely solutions before taking any step.

10. When you lose anything important to you, don’t delay in replacing it. If not, never make use of anything lower in substitution quality.

And lastly, there is always a lesson to learn from events of life whether positive or otherwise. Even if it doesn’t make sense to us at the moment, don’t always discard the experience as this is important for your growth in life.

Oliyide Ayotunde