When God requires us to believe, we still feel there is a work to do. Whereas what is expected of us is just to believe. I fear the word ‘believe’ and it dawned on me a little today when having a walk.

Abraham believed God and it was counted to His account as righteousness. If it was by works then it would be accounted to him as reward or wages, and if it was of grace then it’s no longer of works but grace. And if it is of works then it’s no longer of grace but works. We need Grace to take God at His word! You can’t even walk enough or long with Him without eyes, sight of the Spirit of grace. So we would be left in the wilderness and would not enter into the promises land or even His rest. My heart cry is to have the grace to just say Lord at Thy word, I believe!

The strength of my sight in Him will determine my journey in Him/with Him. Sight gives strength to journey, far as far as your eyes can see. Sight is equal to your strength. Your eyes is your strength.

I can’t imagine the Hebrews faith people, they didn’t inherit the people but they were able to see it, embraced it and were persuaded and there I saw that they were gald to take their rest in peace and joy. Seeing what was coming.

I fear what is hidden and I looked at Daniel with wisdom that is ten times better than others yet it got to a time in the spirit he said he couldn’t understand stuff. There is this such depth in God that He must unveil to us as we draw near to Him. You cant see well when you are far but clearly when near or nearer.

Darkness flood thoughts with unbelief. Let’s just crave for grace to believe alone. How I wish my faith can make God say have never seen such faith before?

Unbelief is where the satan dwells and when we follow in unbelief then we become slaves of unbelief. To whom you yield yourself to obey, servant ye are to own ye obey… I fear this word more than ever… I see it working on almost every sphere in our walk. Whether in our love walk, faith walk etc. Loves covers all our walk. Which servant ye are? Grace to be servant to believing. Lets crave to be better than yesterday. Any walk of darkness we see in our lifes, lets ernestly contend to see them removed! Darkness must have no place in our hearts. When we notice any lets report it to the Lord Who is light. We wouldnt walk in Light save we know Him that is in light. Which servant ye are?

There is a way we can believe someone and then the person will just open up himself more because we believe him. The person just brings us closer because we just believe. Then it won’t be different with God. See Abraham…