Depression is a tool the devil is familiar with. It is one of his most potent instruments. He tells you a lie so you can feel God is unhappy with you. Trust me I know how it feels.

If you let the Devil keep doing this to you, he will. He’ll keep tormenting your mind with lies. Lies are not totally abstract. They are things that portray to be true, reality so to say, but not TRUTH. The word of God is TRUTH. What the Lord says concerning you is the TRUTH. Whose report will you now believe? Don’t be quick to answer. Selah.

Allow God purge you. Accept and live in His love. Humble yourself before the Lord. Acknowledge your weakness that you may receive His strength! God loves you more than your faults and weaknesses. His desire is to bring you into a continuous fellowship with Him so He can teach you to be perfected unto good works.

Don’t let the lies of the devil keep you away from the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God, and the fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Keep the link. Attend a church service today. Seek His face and ignore the lies of the devil. God bless you.