I’ve heard of many who read the bible a couple of times and would not read again just because they didn’t understand what the scriptures was saying.

I’ve heard of many who would do nothing about the visions of the Lord and would not even desire it again just because they seem not to understand.

Therefore, it raises a question, how do I understand the instructions of the Lord for my life?

Someone wrote me and expressed how much the Lord has been relating with her in recent times. How she has been having encounters in dreams and many other avenues, and this boils down to the Lord instructing her and using her to be a blessing to other people but does not actually UNDERSTAND the instructions the Lord is trying to pass across.

Let me say to you that God doesn’t expect you to respond to His instructions in ‘your understanding’. Your understanding might always be unfruitful in really comprehending the instructions or intentions of God. We would always need God to explain those things to us over and over again before we can come to understanding.

Some people find excuses in not reading the bible because they do not seem to understand what they read but I always say to them, you don’t have to understand, just keep reading. Understanding will come. God needs to open you up to understanding. The scriptures are spiritual and they need to be spiritually discerned. It therefore means that as you read and read, you gradually come into spiritual understanding.

Let me share with you examples from the bible as to understanding the visions or instructions of the Lord. We would always need the Spirit of the Lord to break them down into bits and pieces for us to understand. Our physical senses CANNOT understand it because they are spiritually discerned. Why? The natural man(using his natural senses) cannot receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him neither can he know them. He needs spiritual discernment.

Have you read the visions of Zechariah before in the Zechariah 4? Had the Lord not interpreted the vision, he would have had no clue about it. He would have interpreted it in all manners of errors and confusion. God had to interpret it to him.

While Jesus was teaching the people, no matter the simplicity of  His words and examples given, they were always without understanding. Even when He explains it further to the disciples so that they should understand, they never understood until the Holy Spirit came and brought them into deeper understanding. And on the day of Pentecost, Peter stood explaining even the writings of Prophet Joel and began to teach with clear understanding the teachings of Jesus Christ.

What will bring you into understanding is the Spirit of God. You must therefore allow Him breath on you so as to bring you into understanding. The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. You can read all the bible and lack in understanding. You can have visions and yet be without understanding.

The first pair Spirit of the Seven Spirit of the Lord is “the Spirit of wisdom and understanding.” Isaiah 11:2. So, understanding is not just something we pick from the world, it is the breath of the Holy Spirit upon you into coming into the reality of the word of God.

So, respond to God in faith. Receive the instructions of life in faith, not in fear. There is no fear in love. As much as God relates with you, continue in Him. Give yourself wholesomely to learning and to knowing the truth. Jesus said, ” if you continue in my word, then you will be my disciples indeed”. All you need is to continue in Christ. Let the Holy Ghost inspire you to understanding.

God bless you. Keep following the Lord.

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