One of the things we must desire as Christian is to receive the ministration of the eyes. From the beginning in Eden it has been eyes, even with Lucifer it has been eyes. One eyes is of corruption and the other of the incorruption. One eyes is of the One who has the eyes of truth that judge in truth and righteousness.

Lucifer had eyes that was corrupt to be lifted than that of his Creator. Eyes is key. Eyes is government. The variation in it tells the peek of your government. God has interest in given us eyes. Satan also gives eyes, he introduced it to Adam and man inherited the corruptible eyes and turn his back again His Lord and even fellowship.  Is terrible to have eyes for this world.

I feel that’s why Paul prayed the eyes of your understanding being enlightened and when this occur some deposit of knowing will be opened to us. I just can’t try to imagine what the scriptures said about His eyes with my human mind, His seven eyes and seven horns no other creature has it as seven eyes because this tells of the seven Spirit of God.

The Father’s eyes is for His children. When eyes is given to us our definition and taste and hunger for wrong things will change. The Elders in Faith had eyes, you can’t imagine the kind of eyes Enoch, Abel, Abraham and Sarah had even as they walk with the Lord.

Eyes tells of understanding. Revelation means understanding as rightly said. Eyes gives you judgement. See Sarah “Through faith also Sara herself  received strength to conceive seed, and was delivered of a child when she was past age, because SHE JUDGED HIM FAITHFUL Who had promised” Hebrew 11:11.

When I saw this place what I saw was revelation of eyes. You can’t judge well without eyes. Only with eyes shall we know that indeed we are but for a moment and we must run to ensure we come into all of Christ by His Spirit. We must drop all the earthly deposit in our souls that does not conform to the image of the Son. Eyes burns with unfeign love.

Someone said you can say you dont love someone but your eyes will tell us that you do. Eyes reveals the intend of the heart.

The Lord will launch us into sight that our judgement will be true. Scriptures says we will judge angels, you cant judge them without eyes. Eyes will be given in the name of Jesus. Stay blessed!