Luke 1:37-38 For with God nothing shall be impossible. And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her.

There are two phenomena that look similar but very different. One is accepting and living according to the circumstances of life and the other is accepting and living according to the word of God.

Events in life are either good or ‘good’ and most time many accept the situation, rejecting the word of the Lord for their lives. They are quick to see life as ‘fate’ or that’s what God allowed for that time even when they didn’t ask God about it or know the mind of God regarding the circumstances. They atimes call it their dealing even when it was the devil at work or certain faults of theirs.

How often do we know God’s position about what we are going through in life? We would have more confidence in the Lord once we know the mind of God regarding any matter.

Many see life from the perspective of the world and interpret events of life according to their natural instinct. Therefore all that has to do with their reasoning, way of life, conduct and responses are a product of what they have passed through in life. They become hardened by past events and build defence system against future occurrence or they simply live on in it like it’s their fate to be like that.

Many times, what we go through in life gives us definitions to life yet how often are wrong about such definitions.

Our lives are to be built according to the word of God, not according to what happened to us when we were young. Many a times, God stirs events in our lives and these events sharpen us but we must always know and note the word of God or intention of God for that circumstance.

Many have become wayward in life just because they found themselves in hard circumstances that ended up shaping their lives that way. While discussing with a friend, Femi Laizer, I realised many have turned themselves over to the devil because of certain difficult times they went through in life which is never the will of God for them. They simply chose the wrong option and lived according to their choice.

Life is a product of choice and we must make it rightly.
Choose to live according to happenstance or according to the word of God.
Choose to respond to life according to events or according to he word of God.
Become hardened because of certain difficult times or become broken as demanded by the word of God.

Your choice is always respected by God. That’s why he gave you a free will to choose. You can either choose life or death. You can choose to live according to His word or according to this world.

Have a blessed day. God bless you.

Oliyide Ayotunde