In 1847 in the city of Edinburgh, a respectable physician Dr James Simpson discovered that the anaesthetic quality of Chloroform could be used to help relieve the pain of women in Labour. But when He announced his discovery, he was strongly criticized, attacked in print and from the pulpit by clergy and leaders of the public as well as by many members of the Medical profession.

The use of chloroform was against God’s will, they cried, for it was written that because Eve tempted Adam to eat the forbidden fruit, a curse was placed on her that “in sorrow would she bring forth her children”! If the pain and sorrows were reduced, it is “Irreligious”! Simpson replied that in the Bible, the first reported surgical operation has been performed under anaesthesia. The Lord caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and when he slept, He took one of his ribs and closed his flesh thereof.

Years later, though chloroform is now proven by scientists to be dangerous as it causes Liver damage, Labour pains has been reduced through various other methods. And many women still prefer to go through the natural process.

Now, my submission is this; Man through ages have tried different ways of relieving himself from the weight of the curse from the garden of eden. He has used science, technology, sophisticated knowledge to try reduce the potency of the “Curse”. But did anything reduce? Did anything really change through the decades? Till Today, Adam still depends on “the Ground” he gives it his sweats, his labour, his worship to “the ground” for survival. And the woman’s pain today is greater than and beyond childbirth.
The religious world on the other hand believe that it is God’s will that everything should just remain normal or “natural”. Man should keep living the “Natural” life, work as hard as he’s suppose to and only trust God to increase and multiply his yield.

But non of these are God’s will. God’s will is that through Jesus, the power of the Curse is completely broken. For it is written “cursed is anyone that is hung on a tree” (Gal 3:13). That in taking the curse, He activated the BLESSING! And that as long as we look up to him and not the ground, we wouldn’t have to live by the ground. Because the power of the blessing is much more potent to annul the power of the curse. Our sufficiency is of him. Jesus said “come to me all ye who are heavy laden and I will give you REST”. When we truly know him & completely trust Him, we’ll discover that we have been Blessed with a life that is beyond the ground and the natural. This life is the REST that the father longs that we enter into. This life is Jesus. We are blessed beyond all curse. We are truly blessed in Him.

Fayokemi Ruth Osanyinlusi