Someone said to me, ‘please take your future very seriously. Attempt to do all you can to secure your future.’

I answered and said “thank you.” But I also replied, “do you know I serve the God that holds the future in His care? Therefore, because He lives, I can face tomorrow without fear and anxiety. My futures is secured in Him.

God says this about you, “I know the thoughts I have concerning you. They are good thoughts and do not contain any evil. It is to give you a hope of a pleasant and pleasurable future, and to bring you to a fulfilled end.” Therefore, you can afford to rest in God.

Don’t fret, God is in control.
Don’t worry, God is in charge.
Don’t panic, God’s got it settled.
Don’t be afraid, God has blessed you with Grace and Peace.

Be at peace and live gracefully. Rest in God. God loves you. Attend a church service today.