Fruit of the Spirit

You have been sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise for He is the token/deposit/earnest our your inheritance. God gave you the Holy Spirit as a guarantee that He will save you till the end, till you become fit for full redemption.

He gave you the Holy Spirit so you can produce the fruit of LOVE, JOY, PEACE, LONG-SUFFERING, GENTLENESS, GOODNESS, FAITH, MEEKNESS, TEMPERANCE.

You may wonder what can this fruit do to you. A whole lot of the problems we face in life would be solved if only we allow these fruit of the Spirit grow in us.

Love covers a whole lot of errors. Love does not pick offence easily. Love does not look for the fault in others. Love can easily trust. Love protects rather than fight. Love secures. Love appreciates. Love honours. Love is patient. Love exalts.

In love, JOY is endless. You are just excited with everyone just because you love them. You don’t frown unnecessarily around the one you love, you simply rejoice at their sightings. When you have joy, you will harbour no resentment. When you have joy, all offence becomes irrelevant. When you have joy, you become accommodating.

Joy produces PEACE. To be at peace is to be at rest. To be free of trouble or problem. Peace is to live in perfect harmony with people around you. They are not problematic to you and are not the problem of their lives. To ensure that all is at perfect rest is to forestall peace. In joy, you are peaceful.

When you have peace, you can ENDURE FOR A LONG TIME. Long suffering means to endure unpalatable circumstances for a long period of time without complaints. Peace produces long suffering. When you have internal peace, because you have unrestricted joy, as a result of a love that knows no bound, you will endure for long.

Therefore you will become gentle. To be gentle is to be calm and not responsive to wrong doings. You don’t pay back a shout or an insult just because you are gentle. You are to others a representation of peaceful co-existence. Gentle people don’t fight.

And because you are gentle, you will be good to people around you. Goodness is the act of being good to people whether they deserve it or not. When you love, you will be good without conditions. Gentle people tend to be good. The world lacks good people because we have not grown the fruit of the Spirit.

Goodness will therefore produce faith. Faith is believing God in spite of what the environment says. Faith is hoping in God despite all hope seem lost. Faith is the currency of transaction with God. For you to be good to anybody without conditions attached, you must have faith in them. Yes, trust them beyond their integrity. You can afford to trust anyone you love without restrictions.

Therefore, because of the Faith you have in that person, you’ll become meek. Meekness is ability to accept and learn from people, and from God. In love, you will easily position yourself to learn. You don’t argue too much. You rarely raise an objection. You just follow to learn. A meek man is not driven by ego. No. He can submit all to gain all.

Temperance which is not just a self inspired/propelled control but a Spirit inspired and propelled control will become the lifestyle of one that is meek. He will not throw words at people anyhow. He will not act in a rash manner. He will not do something that will be regretted later. He will learn to subject himself to the leading of the Spirit.

My friend, you are blessed because you have the Holy Spirit. It’s time to begin to grow the fruit of the Spirit so you and I can live in with ourselves in love, joy, peace….

God loves you. Keep shining.

Oliyide Ayotunde