Few things irk me more than injustice and oppression.
And this hatred grows the more for every understanding I have of what God intends and what corruption has turned it to.
I hate the fact that I’m not perfectly like Christ.
I hate the fact that I don’t even know what Christ is fully like.
I hate the fact that what I am now doesn’t even measure up to the little knowledge of the ideal that I think I have.
I hate the fact that I am not what I should be!
I hate the fact that the enemy has done this.
I hate the enemy!

But I’ll take consolation in The Truth that God Delights in me and He will deliver me completely from the enemy and his domain. Though it takes forever, I know He will.

“For He knows the path that I take and when He is done trying me, I shall come forth as Gold”.

I have been priviledged of The Lord to naturally meditate on all things.

Of recent, the focus light has been on me and I realise that the issues I have were not my own making in a sense.
I inherited the sin nature.
My soul has been so downgraded as the ages passed that life isn’t a natural thing to me.
And I see the enemy’s handiwork and his doing.
It wasn’t The Lord’s doing either.
But now I’m not to blame anyone, not even the enemy, but rather take responsibility and see to it that my life goes back to becoming the original intent.

But I also realise that as I see glimpses of the original intent, I fall terribly short of it even when I try.

Then I fall into despair thinking there’s no hope for me as I keep falling and rising.

But The Lord reveals His Love to me. He tells me and makes ne realise that He delights in me!
Can you imagine that? God, the creator of all things, the Perfect one DELIGHTS in me?
I can’t get over that!

And He also makes me realise that it’s  not the perfect me He loves, but the dirty, defiled and utterly imperfect me that He Loves! That is stunning!

Then He tells me; “I am commited to restoring You” “I am commited to making you perfect” “I am commited to making You like Me”!
Can you imagine that?

All he wants from me He says, is Faith that He will do it. “For if two or three shall agree as touching a thing, it will be done for them…” and “In the mouth of two or three witnesses a word shall be established”.

Even if I walk away from God today and for a million years, He will restore me for He delights in Me!!!!

Akinlemibola Damilola Joe.