Oh that men would praise the Lord instead of complain.
Oh that men would sing His praise rather than sing His faults.
Oh that men would rejoice in the Lord instead of crying at the Lord.
Oh that men would worship the most high rather than war with the most high.

I choose to see His wonderful works, not my terrible state.
I choose to see His goodness over my life, not the terrible state of life.
I choose to see His enduring mercy not the terrible judgement of the world.
I choose to see His awesome power over me, not the gruesome attacks of the enemy.

He is mighty in battle, so I trust in His might.
He is beautiful in holiness, so I want to keep looking at His beauty.
He is full of grace and truth, so I want to walk in grace and truth.
He is glorious in all situations, that’s who I want to behold.

Oh that I will praise His name for evermore.
Oh that I will sing His praise to all generations.
Oh that I will dance before Him unashamed.
Oh that I will worship Him till life ends on me.

His name Adonai, is the most excellent name, the Only Begotten of the Father.
His name El-Elyon, He is the God most High.
His name Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the age to come.
You are three in one, and there’s no competition with you.

I will forever sing your praise.
I will forever lift you high.
I will forever declare your goodness.
Your wondrous works will I show the world continually.

Oh that men would praise the Lord, not themselves.
Oh that men would praise the Lord, not their achievements.
Oh that men would praise the Lord, not their nights and power.
Oh that men will praise the Lord, the Lord alone I will praise.

For He has broken the gate of brass and cut the bars of iron asunder.
For He has destroyed the enemies at the gate and overthrew their merchandise.
For He has triumphed over all situations making us more than conqueror.
For He has done good to us.

Psalms 107:8  Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!

Oliyide Ayotunde