Prone to wander, Lord my greatest fear.
Prone to leave the God i Love,
Prone to slumber while you pray
Prone to deny you three times or more.

You know it so well my Lord, If i stand or if i fall,
You know my strength if i have and that, if i have not.
You know if i love, moreso, if i love enough,
You know my faith if so little, my thoughts if so shallow.

You know if i believe, and truely believe,
You know my fears and my doubts, the hidden secrets of my heart which I knowth not.
You know my frame within me, the functions of my wandering heart.

Prone to wander from the path which my soul admires, Lord i fear
Prone to forsake the cross, i once chose to bear.
Prone to deny the christ which i swore to die for.
Oh wretched me, for now i know
That Grace still remains my only Hope.

Take my heart Lord, take it & seal it.
Seal it for thy courts up above.
Let thy Grace Lord, like a fetter
Bind my wandering heart forever to thee.
Streams of Mercy, never ceasing
Keep my feet stable on the path of Life.

Written by Fayokemi Osanyinlusi