I admit that this piece is quite long. But beyond this, I am persuaded that the reader will find help and blessings in it; especially if he reads with an open heart.

Looking at the state of things in the church of the living Christ, it is impressed upon my heart to come up with a write-up such as this.

I hope that those who come across it, by the help of the living Christ-would find help in it. I hope that it would please the Lord to bless this “five loaves and two fishes”, that all may be fed to the fill-and that there may be some “twelve baskets full” which may be gathered and kept for the rest of the journey.


Looking by the help of the Spirit into the church of our Lord, it is a clear fact that most of us, the Lord’s children suffer from CARDIOMEGALY rather than being constrained by A LARGE HEART.

CARDIOMEGALY is a medical term which simply means AN ENLARGED HEART.

Now, CARDIOMEGALY itself is not a disease, but rather a symptom of another condition.

CARDIOMEGALY is usually the result of high blood pressure and some form of infection.

Now, we must move quickly from the plane of medicine to the plane of the faith wherein we are called-lest we lose focus of where we are going.

Hmmm, many of us God’s children have nothing other than AN ENLARGED HEART. Our LARGE HEARTS have been crowded by ENLARGED HEARTS; perhaps, we never for once have come into the LARGE HEART.

Alas! Our undoing comes from the fact that an ENLARGED HEART subtly and somewhat comes in the form of a LARGE HEART-as satan appears as an angel of light.

Whereas, an ENLARGED HEART must not be confused with a LARGE HEART; the one is DEATH, the other is LIFE. The one is SELF, the other is life in and of the Spirit.

An ENLARGED HEART is the condition which shows how much the “blood pressure” of our lives have been increased by sin and self.

Oh, how I am afraid of writing this piece-for I myself, I’m not without guilt!

An ENLARGED HEART is the condition which shows to what degree our lives have been infected by the LUST OF THE EYES, LUST OF THE FLESH, and THE PRIDE OF LIFE.

It is revealed in how much we seek VAIN GLORY.

It is revealed in how much we seek some for the Lord and some for our selves-rather than seek ALL for the Lord.

It is revealed in how much we esteem ourselves as better than others.

It is revealed in how much, even by way of correction or rebuke, we appear to be blameless and impeccable-parallel to the weaknesses that we outline in the lives of others.

It is revealed in how much we would have our brother beaten with a rod, in order to remove the speck from his eyes; rather than notice and attend to the LOG in our own very eyes.

Oh, how else shall we speak of this deadly condition?!

Brethren, an ENLARGED HEART does not spring up in a day. It is a tree that grows from the seed of not attending to little matters in and of our lives.

This condition may be so subtle and silent. But to him who would be humble and sincere to permit the light of the Lord in his life, he would be able to judge whether or not he still suffers from an ENLARGED HEART-no matter how little the degree may be.

Brethren, ENLARGEMENT OF HEART is the way of DEATH! It has no part and path in LIFE.

It is ENLARGED, yet it CANNOT accommodate being cheated or insulted by others.

It is ENLARGED, yet it CANNOT accommodate not being noticed by others.

It is ENLARGED, yet it CANNOT accommodate not being reckoned as the best or the greatest.

It is ENLARGED, yet it gives no allowance for the faults and shortcomings of others.

Oh, what an ENLARGEMENT!

Brethren, the Lord must save us from the ENLARGEMENT of the HEART! It is not permitted in the narrow way! It hinders the progress of the believer, yet he thinks he is making progress; for his heart is still flooded with the revelation of THE MOST HIGH. He thinks he is progressive for he is firm and staunch-not tolerating nonsense from his fellow man.

Oh, how the Lord must save us indeed!

Brethren, we have not been called to an ENLARGED HEART. Rather, we have been called to a LARGE HEART.

A LARGE HEART is the very heart of Christ-the meek and lowly lamb of God.

It is the HEART that opens not its mouth, even when it is led as a sheep to the slaughter.

It is the HEART that comes to serve rather than being served.

It is the HEART which seeks to take the last seat rather than being first.

It is the servant of ALL, and the lord of NONE.

It esteems others better, much more better, than itself.

Oh, how we need this HEART-A LARGE HEART!

It is the HEART which allows the mind of CHRIST to be in him-who being GOD would not hold tight to that; but would rather CHOOSE to put on mortality and be humbled to the death of the cross.

Brethren, God must indeed save us from an ENLARGED HEART.

We have said that this HEART means and brings DEATH. Yet, there is no way out of it but THE WAY OF DEATH-THE DEATH OF THE CROSS!

If the Lord must save us from an ENLARGED HEART, we must be willing to be put to DEATH! We must be willing for THE CROSS to work in and on us. We must seek no rest until we are done away with this deadly heart.

We must permit the HOLY SPIRIT to take us THROUGH THE CROSS and take the CROSS THROUGH US. As the Lord brings His searchlight to our hearts, we must yield to the Lordship of THE SPIRIT OF THE CROSS-the Holy Spirit, to, by the instrumentation of THE CROSS, cut off EVERYTHING in us that is not in conformity with our LORD.

We must not be satisfied with THIS rebellious son of ours. We must take him out to THE CITY GATES-that he may be stoned to death!

The way of deliverance is the way of DEATH…

Alas! A large number of us would rather CHOOSE that THIS rebellious son of ours lives. For we love him so much that we CANNOT watch him die…

Oh, how far we are from the path of LIFE.

Brethren, we must CHOOSE DEATH!

We must let THIS rebellious son of ours go… We must feel no affection or compassion for him, lest we fail to release him to THE DEATH OF THE CROSS…

He is an evil man, and he MUST be removed from among us. By no other way but THE WAY OF DEATH!

ONLY as this evil man dies can the LARGE HEART come to life in full fledge…

Without DEATH there can’t be LIFE…

Unless the ENLARGED HEART dies, we CANNOT live in the realm of THE LARGE HEART OF OUR LORD…

May the Lord teach us to see the evil of this ENLARGED HEART…

May the Lord instruct us to release this deadly HEART to the death of the CROSS…

Unless this HEART is removed, the order of our lives CANNOT be correct-no matter how correct it subtly appears; for out of the HEART flows the issues of life…

A correct order of life flows from a correct HEART-THE LARGE HEART…

May the Lord bless His church…
May the Lord keep us in unity…
May the Lord teach us to walk in love.

May CHRIST come soon and establish His kingdom on earth.


Come, Lord Jesus!

Written by Tunji Omolayo.