I love knowledge but I also have a challenge with it.
It’s an illumination into realities, yet it delusional.
It is enriching to have it, yet it deprives you of what you ought to know.
It gives light, yet deep in illusion.

Knowledge elevates, yet makes one puff up.
Knowledge gives an edge, but takes one to the edge of a cliff.
Knowledge birth ideas, but kills the ideal.
Knowledge promotes but also premate

Knowledge gives power, but loses authority.
Knowledge gives life, but lead to death
Knowledge sustains, but it also detains.
Knowledge brings honour, yet loaded with reproach.

Jesus never problem with those that never knew, His problem was with ones who seem to know.
Jesus didn’t struggle to heal the ones who never knew, show us a sign the knowledgeable retorted.
Faith was easily inspired with the ones who didn’t know, suspicion was the lots of those who knew.
He called one who didn’t have knowledge a dog, yet she responded with what Jesus called ‘a great faith’. The knowledgeable would have fought back with all they knew.

The blind leading the blind was Jesus’ remark to the once who assumed knowledge, yet they faulted every of His words.
They knew too much that they missed the time and sign.
They knew too much that they didn’t believe He was THE One, because they knew, nothing good would come from Nazareth, not even a prophet.
They knew too much that they wondered,’is this not Joseph’s son, the carpenter?’
They knew too much that they always complained He did miracles at the wrong time.

They were religious leaders, yet they do not factor in the plans of their leader.
They are custodians of the word of life, yet they lacked in life.
They were keepers of the temple, yet they were sent out of the temple for they lost the vital information.
They are commandeers yet they never lived the command.

I have a problem with knowledge
I have an unresolved battle with knowing too much
My knowledge make me despise
My knowledge drives me to a state of needless pride.
My knowledge draws a big gulp between me and the people.
My knowledge drives me crazy because simple things seems stupid.
My knowledge makes me a critic rather than a lover.

Knowledge easily picks fault.
Knowledge attract more enemy.
Knowledge sees specks.
Knowledge hates.
Knowledge repels true learning.
Simplicity is lost in knowledge.
Complexity is an offspring of knowledge.

Then, if I say I know, it’s better to say I don’t know so I can know.
If I say I know, I need to learn humility so that I can know in truth.
Knowledge is a blinder.

Apostle Paul puts in differently, if anyone assumes to know, let him know that he knows not as he ought to know.

…To be continued.