Love or Hate?

Love or Hate?

Love or Hate?

Everyday gives us an opportunity either to hate or to love.
Every interaction leaves with a need to either grow in love or abound in hatred.
We are pushed to many sides on each frontiers, yet we are not expected to be indifferent.
We must either hate or love.

We most definitely resent what people do to us, yet we are not allowed to express our indignation because of the ripple effect it might generate.
On a daily basis, we miss the chance to grow either ways, whether to love more, or hate more.

Each words we hear throws at us hate or love.
Each passing moment slaps us with a reason to hate or love.
Each event that occur stings us with a need to express hate or love.
Yet, we are not allowed to be neutral, because it’s worse than either halves.
You must either hate or love.

What must I do to love more when the feeling of hatred stares me at the face?
What must I do to curb the menace of the hate founders who throw punches of offence to me each passing day?
What must I do to show the world I too have strength of vengeance to revenge all the act of terror thrown at me?

It’s normal to become hateful than to become loving.
It’s natural to hate than to love.
It’s human to respond in hate than in love.

So, except you’re a normal natural human, then you can choose to result to being hateful. If not, then I’ll tell you what to do, grow in love, do it in silence. Although life hands us the two, tolove or to hate. Please it’s better to love than to hate.

Love builds, hate breaks.
Love is life, hate is death.
Love empowers, hate disempowers
Love mends, hate tears.
Love flourishes, hate flounders.

Love will always prevail. It may be difficult to do, JUST DO IT. Don’t vent your anger no matter what, it will spoil more than you want to repair. Let justice take it’s course. The best judge of life is TIME. Love will far outlast hate. So LOVE.

Be the Love others need.
Give the Love others lack.
Show the Love other desire.
Express the Love others bottle.

Turn people to love, not hate.
Make them see love, not hate.
Build in love, not in hate.
Let’s love and let’s live.
Show some love.

This is the message Christ brought to us.
Christ is Love personified.
To show Christ, show love.
To show Love, Show Christ.
No Christ, no love. And,
No love, no Christ.