As a true Nigerian and citizen of the world, I also advocate for the speedy rescue and recovery of the said missing girls from Chibok. I lend my voice to the culprits and every of their sponsors to by the mercies of God restore these girls.

But I’m also not happy with the turn of event as to what the Nigerian Government and the so-called stakeholders are doing to bring a solution to this matter. I became so disheartened when I saw the dramatic emotional display of the Nigerian First lady and the ensuing rants by the public at condemning her accurate use of grammar.

Alas, the Nigerian people were waiting for what seem to be a joke of the season from the First Lady and she played along by such harmless but inimical weeping on the National TV.

I also find it amusing that a whole lot of people have sought popularity for themselves by using the event as a springboard for fame and popularity. To make it worse is the main Opposition Party’s accusations and counter-accusations. Can we just do something as fast as possible. Let’s do the work, and less of the talk.

The worst of it to me is the Nigerian Police offering monetary reward for any information as to the whereabouts of the kidnapped girls and or the kidnappers. Wait, when does money become a motivation for finding fellow humans that are missing not because of their carelessness, but because of their innocence.

It’s time we stopped this political blaming, accusations and counter-accusations, dramatic weeping on National TV to score points, setting up committee to kill a snake, rather than actually doing something about the so-called missing kids. This is just annoyingly playing out like the much maligned Nollyhood movies where the said suspense created altogether becomes a child’s play.

We are not here to score a point. We are not here to seek a second term. We are not here to draw attention as a better political option. We are here to save lives and that I perceive ought to be the business of the day. If the event of the Kidnap happened, then all hands must be on deck to searching and successfully rescuing the ladies. I am not a party to believing the emotional ceremonial cry and sentimental popularity seeking protest.

Who should bring back those girls? A thief stole and you went protesting for the lost item to be returned. By whom? What needed be done be done and let’s stop scoring some cheap points. Let the Mr. President be a man atleast for once and take a drastic measure to finding a lasting solution to this political higi haga.

And to the so-called opposition party, I’m beginning to lose my trust for a possible change. If all a party does is to score cheap point when lives are being lost, then I must say, you’re the best wrong choice. I remain non-partisan and we must not lay ourselves to the slaughter because someone didn’t remember to close the door and a thief came in, stole away the valuables and left us with little or nothing.

What we need do is join forces, forget religious sentiments, forget tribal differences, shun Political affiliation and let’s seek the speedy recovery of the missing kids. I pray the Lord help us to find those Kids. I pray for direction in the rescue operation.

And please, let the international community stop tagging Nigeria as unsafe and dangerous. If Malaysian plane was reported missing as big as it is, yet unfound, and as much technology as the aviation industry claims to have, including all international search team, then Nigeria is not in a different position.

What I know and sure of is that God will help us find those kids. Amen. To one Nigeria. God bless Nigeria.

Oliyide Ayotunde
BB Pin: 28D085A8