Kingdom People Network Devotional

Phil. 2:7 But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men.

The whole of the life of man is aimed at creating one form of reputation or the other. And that’s ok. We spend so long time trying to build a name for ourselves. We spend all we have to acquire certain status in the world so as to be regarded or noted as one important in the society. The highest level of needs according to management theory relates to self-actualization and hardly do many get there ‘cos the human wants is never satisfied, yet we love to keep seeking that level of assurance in the form of reputation so that we can become self-accomplished in life.

Jesus shows us that the only way to eternal actualization is to please the Father, to live for the Father’s will. We all have our own will that usually runs in variance to the Father’s will. It is then left for us to either seek the Father’s will or seek our will. We will achieve self-actualization when we set all out to seek our will, but we might never come to the Father for they that will come to the Father must lay down all before the Father and accept the Will of the Father. To pursue our will is to seek earthly reputation. Many can spend so much so as to secure that reputation. Until we learn to pursue the will of the Father, we will not please the Father. And when we do not please the Father, we will not have eternal satisfaction.

To be of no reputation is not to seek your own. Jesus made such statement at most times in relation to the fact that He is not set to do His own will but to fulfil the Will of the Father and complete it. If only we can drop all to gain one, we will come into eternal peace. Your identity is tied to your discovering your purpose in God. Until you seek the Father, you’ll never find yourself. God bless you for reading through. Have a blessed day.

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Oliyide Ayotunde