Daniel 3:25 “Look!” he answered, “I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire; and they are not hurt, and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God.”

The times are critical. The days are dangerous. The alarms are blowing. Worship is being cultured. Everybody will soon be required to bow to a certain image. Beware!

Faith is not a jocular statement of beliefs but a life of intense power built as a result of continuous fellowship with God. It is the ability to rest in God in spite of the prevalent circumstances. It is living in peace even when all around you do not speak peace. It is a product of trust fostered by an unconditional love in God. Faith is not just a positive confession of intent and purpose, but a life that is able to rest in the word of God in total believe and trust engineered by love.

When we look at the story of the three Hebrew guys, it usually looks like a fairy tale with a happy ending. No. It’s something deeper and much more powerful than we can imagine. It’s extra-ordinary faith at work. They were assumed to be insane to have gone completely in disagreement with the king’s commandment. They didn’t just disagree, they also treated the decree with complete disregard. Many would have looked at them and cast disdain on them. After all, they were not the only Hebrew guys in that land. All bowed but these three. All failed but these three. They chose to stand alone. They were fearless. They were determined to the point of death not to bow to any image except the God of Israel. They chose not to love their lives even at the face of death. They were not careful to disobey the king’s command. They didn’t play diplomacy at telling the king of their intention not to bow. They simply chose the odd option! DEATH! The things we celebrate most times are things we need to carefully check and ask ‘are we not also bowing to the image set by the world?’

Many of us today cannot look into the face of our government and say NO, ‘I will not bow.’ Many cannot look at our pastors and say, ‘No, not me.’ We cannot stand against corruption in our society simply because one way or the other, we benefit from the proceeds. We are always scared of death. At the slightest threat, we cave in. We simply do what the other Hebrew guys did, ‘wisdom is profiting to direct’, so it become wiser to bow…. So many things have gone awry just because we chose to follow the multitude to bow. Many things are creeping up, just because we failed to nip it at the bud. And it appears like all are the same. Funnily, images are rolling out day after day and all seem to bow. The so-called advance countries are enacting new laws to accommodate many inordinate affection built around lust for onething or the other… And the church is even playing host to the acceptance and acceptability of such satanic images. The fury of the king is being channelled to those who have publicly attacked those images, yet it looks like they are the stupid ones. Stop the world from advancing by speaking the word. The word of God must prevail.

I do not see the fourth man appear except we first choose not to bow to the king’s image, not in activism but faith, not as rebels but as Sons of God. The king relates to ‘knowledge’. There is a knowledge that is exalting itself above the knowledge(word) of God, we need to cast them down or we will have to bow in obedience to that knowledge. Knowledge is the one that forms this image. Image relates to lifestyle, way of perception, personality… What forms the lifestyle is the knowledge. The kings(all forms of advance knowledge) form the image(lifestyle, way of life…). Once we keep chasing after these knowledge and associating ourselves with them, we will in no time bow to those images.

Many are going through certain fire in their lives today, but I see the son of God appearing to bring you relieve and comfort. I just want to say to you, you are not alone, the son of God is with you.

Here are some scriptures that should arouse your faith.

Ps. 27:1-3, Prov. 18:10, Isaiah 59:19, Is. 43:1-2.

Stay empowered in the Lord. Stay in the Faith. God bless you.

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Oliyide Ayotunde