Kingdom People Network Devotional

Psalms 119:130 The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple.

In the old testament, the Tabernacle had three compartments, the outer court, the Holy place which is the inner court, and the Holy of Holies. The outer court was where the general public stood, where the sunlight was the light by which they operated with. General opened sunlight. But in the Holy place, only a Priest can go in and the light by which he operated with was the lamb stand with seven lamb sticks, the “manora” whose light must never go off. The seven spirit of God. The Holies of Holies was much more secluded, only the high priest could enter, and the very glory of God lights up the room.

Our bible passage says: the entrance of God’s word gives light and understanding… When the light of God’s word shines on an individual, the understanding may vary, depending on the level of his/her walk, relationship with God and Spiritual growth.
A lot of christians read the bible with a surface understanding of the letters. When God desires that we leave the outer court and draw near to him. He has stripped off the demarcation between the outer court, the inner court and the Holies of holies, when Jesus died on the cross. All we need to do is to draw closer to him. And know Him more.

When we grow in our relationship with God, our understanding of God’s word will change day by day. Interpretation of God’s word won’t be based on general church knowledge (general light), or mere surface interpretation of letters, but it will be the very light of the Holy spirit, speaking to you individually, grooming you to Spiritual growth, ushering you into God’s very presence, and transforming you from glory to glory. Making you a partaker of His glory. Reading the bible wouldn’t be a task or something you have to do because you are a christian. It will be like a sweet intoxicating wine you cannot do without because the “entrance of the word” has become Spirit and life unto you.

So, we need to desire the light of the word of God and not just the general light of the sun(general make-believe), we need to press on for deeper understanding of God’s word birthed by the Spirit of God. And this will come as a result of constant fellowship with the Spirit of God. Be diligent in study, be consistent in fellowship. Let the Holy Ghost inspire your heart to further learning and understanding. The Lord bless you this day and make you prosper in your walk with Him.

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