Kingdom People Network Devotional

John 15:7 If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

It’s prayer time.

Prayer is a medium through which we communicate with God. It’s important that we pray not just to get things from God or to get God to do what we want but most importantly to establish a relationship between God and man.

The more we speak to Him in prayer, the more we get to know Him more. We cannot pray well, if we do not have His words in us, hence, He says to us, ‘if you live(abide) in me and my words abide in you,’ then you will know how to pray unto Him according to His will.

His words are His will. His will are His ways. Until we begin to understand His words, we will never understand His will and until we begin to understand His will, we may never understand His ways. One of the most widely misconceived concept is prayer.

People think prayer is forcing God to do what ‘they’ want, or a medium through which we get God to promote us at the expense of others and more importantly, kill our enemies for us.

Those are not the reasons or purposes of prayer. As much as God wants us to enjoy the benefits of prayers, He desires that we pray rightly.

The word of God is the most veritable tool for perfect and preferred communication between God and man.

Therefore, we ought to let the word of God abide in us as we also strive to abide in Him. Do not forget the basic requirements for successful, most effective and efficient way to pray, it is;

Abide in God,
His words abide in you,
Ask what you will, and
It shall be done.

As you learn to pray rightly, the Lord will easily grant you your desires because your desires will always align with His words. Our prayer must therefore be that ‘Lord help me to abide continually in you, and let your words abide in me’ and this will propel us to pray according to His will. God bless you.

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