You may never appreciate salvation until you see what the Lord had done! Salvation is a gift that the devil has made a lot not to value, but as believers we must see it as a higher calling, a calling unto God. A calling out of darkness into His marvellous light. If there is anything I appreciate, it’s salvation. Though there are times we fall to temptations but glory to God who helps us out of those temptation. Salvation is sweet! The translation we got from the Lord is worth thanking God for. Translation is like being bought of out something inferior unto a more superior, high quality thing, a transformation has occurred. We must value this which the Lord has done and is still doing. The life of God is sweet and we must keep in mind that the end of it is Christ and not to have our own righteousness like some who went about establishing their own righteousness as scriptures says, lest it becomes as a filthy rag! It won’t be a filthy rag when its OF the Lord! God’s righteousness is not filthy but when you take it OUT OF God then it is!

Whenever I see what the Lord has done I just ask for mercy for entrance and I rejoice also in hope of the gospel. Its must be a privilege to talk to souls about Jesus! We must do the work of an evangelist! The word of God is what delivers the mind of God to us, there is no better thing in this world that reveals the mind of God than His word, the word of God shows you what the Lord had done for us and we must carefully pray for entrance or rather come into them by faith! The Lord has done so much for us, He has taken away our sorrows, o glory, Halleluyah! He is coming to take us home to Himself!

Our inheritance, I like Akure people for something they love inheritance, they don’t joke with it. If you try them you may lose your life! And people fear them for it! If this is done of the things that are earthly then we must become lovers of inheritance too, the inheritance of Christ! God just keep us under Your word!