Genesis 15:1 After these things the WORD OF THE LORD came unto Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward.

We have said that the word of God has the ability to clean us from the filth and rot in the world. It also has capacity to make us alive(active) and make us powerful (strengthened with might in our inner man).

Fear not.
One of the things the word will also do for us is to take away fear in us and take us away from fear. Fear is a binding force that binds people in death. Faith works life in us while fear works death is us.
So, any life that has been made alive in righteousness and has been empowered in God will never be full of fear. Rather than fear, Faith will be stirred up in you. Faith is responding accurately to what God is saying. So, His word says to you, ‘do not fear’, don’t live by fear.

I am thy shield.
Also, if you have received His word, you have received Him, so He says to us ‘I am your shield’. Shield relates to a covering that prevents us from harm and prevents evil from us. Having become fearless through the word of God which ministers boldness to us, that word also acts as a shield for us, preventing evil from penetrating our lives.

There are many arrows being fired by the enemy, the economy, the society, etc and without this covering shield, we will fall to the onslaught of these attacks, therefore there is need to be covered by God, acting as our shield. The Lord will shield you away from all evil in Jesus name.

I am thy exceeding great reward.
Also, having become our covering shield, the Lord also will become our exceeding (abundant, unending,unlimited, unquantifiable) reward. The Lord brings us into His inheritance via the instrumentation of His word. So as many as received this word, they are cleansed, made alive, empowered for life, become fearless, shielded by the Lord and also have God as their ultimate reward.

We have been called out of a vain hope into an eternal hope “…which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:” Col.1:27. People who seek after earthly reward and glory seek after a fading glory, one compared to the glory of the grass. But only by the word of God can we come into an eternal, everlasting reward and glory.

So, daily as you live, you must submit your entire life to the direction and leading of the word. You will never enjoy a fear-free life if you are not a custodian of the word of God. Hence, God cannot be your shield and exceeding reward. Enjoy the best today. God bless you.