It rather unfortunate that our lives take cues from other sources than God. We have many things around us that usually dictate to us how we should live our lives, comport ourselves, interact with the society and lots more.

Our lives follow a pattern designed by some forces that are not rooted in and sourced in Christ and we passively follow without questions in our hearts. Of course, these world’s creative abilities also lead us to value erosion that leaves us confused.

What then is sin? What we adjudged as sin today when accepted by the society tomorrow becomes an acceptable life changing experience we must learn to flow with and live with. What is lawless today becomes lawful tomorrow because of its acceptability today.

What then could we live for? It is hard to determine that when;

-the secret of our rush and pursuit for success is initiated by other people’s success story, without actually knowing the real story behind the seeming success,

-one way or the other our value chain is being eroded in the name of world’s advancement and development,

-we cannot honestly define what drives us to do the things that we do,

-we profess to hate sin and iniquity yet we cannot stand against the perpetrators of these evils,

-our lives are still subjected to many worldly claims and affections.

If the prince of this world comes, will he find his things in us? If yes, then what are we living for?
We answer that question if we can rightly answer why we seek God in the first place.

Do we seek Him for money, affluence, wealth, academic achievement, power, protection, security or even to enter heaven so you can escape hell?

Is pursuit for and service to God initiate by just love or there is an element of self-seeking inherent in the pursuit? Are we worshippers because we just want to show how much we love Him or how much we love the things He can do?

In all these, let’s live for Christ. Let’s live for the Kingdom. We shall overcome some day. Be genuinely Born again.