It is falsehood to believe that death can defeat life, rather, death is the absence of life. I will never believe that fear can defeat faith, rather fear is the absence of faith. Don’t ever tell me darkness is stronger and more powerful than light, rather, darkness only exist where light is absent. To think sin can override righteousness is a lie, rather, sin is present because righteousness is absent.

Sin, darkness, fear, and death are phenomena that links into each other, but they are not as powerful as men have painted them to be. They only exist because of the absence of righteousness, light, faith and life respectively.
The antidote for sin is righteousness…. God inputs righteousness in us that we may be and live above sin.

Hence, we are inactive(dead) to sin. If we walk in light, then darkness cannot override our lives. Darkness can never displace light. And we know that the light of God through the glorious gospel has been shed into our lives, therefore we are children of light. We are the light of the world. Fear has no place in us for we are growing from faith to faith. And there is no fear in faith. The life that I live, I live by the faith of the son. And for real, I am not afraid of death for I have life in abundance. In fact, I am not a living soul but a life giving spirit. I manufacture life. I give life for I have it abundantly. Death cannot find a place in life. It’s time we changed our mind-set and believe in the word of God, not philosophies and old wife fables…..