Matt.12: 1 At that time Jesus went on the sabbath day through the corn; and his disciples were an hungred, and began to pluck the ears of corn, and to eat. 2 But when the Pharisees saw it, they said unto him, Behold, thy disciples do that which is not lawful to do upon the sabbath day.

I was wondering if you would believe in a man that allows His disciple steal from other people’s farm?

I was wondering what we condemn atimes with our religious minds only to actually find out God doesn’t see it as we do.

I was wondering how we are quick to condemn an action because we do not understand the purpose and intent, only to discover that God never saw it as we do.

When David went to eat the shewbread, I wondered how many will condemn him and tell him he was a sinner only to see Jesus make mention of how graceful that action was.

I was wondering why I would not have condemned and abused Moses if I was there when he getting married to a gentile even when he was the one who gave us the commandment, only to see God judge the people who condemned him.

Are we not part of the people who condemned Samson as being a womaniser and still faithfully preach with it even when the scripture said ‘it was by God’. God was leading him.

Friends, I am not sure we won’t also join them to stone Jesus, Stephen, John the Baptist and all other disciples if we were there because these people completely went against the traditions, beliefs, religion, culture of there days. They were is direct opposite of what was adjudged right.

I was wondering what justification Hosea had to claim that God instructed him to take a whore as wife. Will God go against Himself? We would condemn his prophethood and run him totally down.

I was wondering why Jesus would show love and compassion to a woman caught in the very act of adultery. I was wondering why He didn’t judge her and condemn her.

I was wondering Jeremiah’s conviction to have told us God instructed him to walk naked. What will people say?

I was wondering how we would see Noah. He was building a boat when nothing was happening. Only to claim God spoke to him.

I was wondering what the neighbours would have told Abraham at the claim that God instructed him to sacrifice his only son. What would you say?

I was wondering what Gideon would have had to fight to reduce the over ten thousand population of warriors and fighters to just 300 persons.

I was wondering what you would say to David for dancing to stupor. He danced until he was naked. I was wondering what the legitimate mind would say.

I was wondering how many of us would agree with Moses that God actually told him to part the red sea and cause the people to walk in the mist of it. I was wondering what the sane mind would say.

I was wondering what risk Rahab went through to save the spies. What sort of faith she had.

All boils down to ordinary people going against the custom of the land, walking against the laid down legitimate principles of doing things. They were all in contrast to the obtainable religious doctrine of there time. They listened to only what God had to say, and not what people are saying. They hoped more in the redemption of God, than the condemnation of men. They were willing to die for a cause they believed in. They were all willing to lose there life for no expected gain.

Wondering how foolish the three Hebrew guys would look when all bowed to the image except them. We would have questioned why they didn’t beg for their lives while being transported into the fiery furnace.

Wondering why Daniel chose not to eat the kings meal. Why would he call it defilement? That’s stupid, the right thinking mind would think. But why? How can you live with the king and not eat from the king’s table?

Why would Daniel go pray with his windows open when there is a direct decree against that. Fellow Jews would have called him stupid, a careless man that wants to die for nothing. I was wondering what you will do.

I was wondering why He had to save the thief on the cross. What just reason would have necessitated that? Obviously, there was something He knew that we will never understand.

I was wondering why Jesus allowed Mary use her hair to wipe His legs and poured such expensive ointment on His body. Would we not claim it was an act of seduction and also agree with Judas that she was wasteful and Jesus couldn’t stop her.

I was wondering what you would say to Jacob who is legally married to two wives yet had babies from the maids of his wives. Can that man be the carrier of God’s blessing. Yet God says, I am the God of Jacob.

Many things run through my mind as I read Matthew 12. Many of the things we condemn nd write-off in others, how does God see them?

I was wondering how many of us are flexible enough to believe all that the Holy Ghost is saying.

Wondered how many would believe that the Holy Ghost was responsible for the pregnancy of one beautiful young damsel? Wondered if I was Joseph what I would do? Wondered if I’ll truly believe the angel.

This is the summation, ‘as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.’