I’m like a little child in Thy hands, for that’s who you see when You carry me. My cry does not discomfort Thee, Yea, Thou look forward to my maturing. You birth me with an everlasting birth. Thy breast comforts my heart when I cry, Yea, Thou giveth me to partake of it. Even as I suck, I find a relief to my soul,Yea, there is a release of Yourself in Thy milk. This matures me on for life. When I take it, what a warm I feel. Thy breast has become my dwelling place, yet You look earnestly unto the day I will further away from it into a new kind of life of maturity, Yea, I grow older. Thou began to show me the growth my soul needed. Though leaving thy milk was not so easy, yet I follow. You have shown me a new step that I may follow, The memory of milk is gradually been taken away from me, I can see the new introduction, it’s different from the weaning. My soul finds rest again. What is the delight of Thy heart towards me?

Oh You said child, I am introducing you into another life in me. Though I loved you when you partook of the milk of my breast but I will like a mother who would want to see her child in another stage. Then I began to see the wonders of Thy nurturing. Oh how I feel that you must be patient then for you not to quickly take away the milk from me immediately. I wondered if there was a change because your love reduceth not. This made me wake up to think of Thee at night. When I walk I find myself thinking of how to please Thee. When I eat my thought never changed. I found now a seed of You in me. I see the seed making me just more hungry though not any longer for thy milk. The desire was such to see and become like You. Thou Art gracious to me oh Lord. Thou pardoneth my sin when I was a child. Thou remembered not my sins any more. You have kept my mind in Thee. I see in my Spirit now what I shall become so my soul runs after it.

Nothing does satisfy my soul again except You. I cry now not for Thy milk again but for Thy heart. This is such a longing I desire. Lord I am hungry only for Thee. When I remember how You taught my hand to war, how you taught me day and night. And again while I journey on the road I remember how You taught me. Then I see that You are preparing me for war. For with Thy strength I shall fight. For with thine might alone I have rest. Now my enemy is Thine enemy and Yours is mine. And Thou art conquereth. So I walk in that which I inherited from Thee,Take me to Thyself to know Thee more…