Dreamt that my church(the church I attend) was rugged all thru. And one minister was invited just to share for 15min. And it is one Lagos based pastor(the pastor that teaches school of money)… Well, I met his team praying but I was curious and I asked what he was suppose to do, make people laugh or preach, and they told me, his assignment is just to make people laugh. I wasn’t happy and was also disturned about what he’s come to do. I felt somehow when I woke up, but I began to ask in my spirit what the meaning was and I began to see that the teachings of mammon will spread thru the churches such that altars will be raised to support and teach mammon. The worship of mammon will be raised such that people will do all they can to partake in the worship of mammon. I’m also asking God for further instructions and meanings… But I know that the only solution to all these is to teach the people Christ. Righteousness must be exalted in our churches. And I’m not talking of self-propelled righteousness, I’m talking of the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus.

I therefore figure out the agenda and drive of the satan is to raise another man called Nimrod, that will unite the whole world and turn them to one again. There will be a recreation of one language(one voice, one world system) so another project of building a tower(not the name of the Lord) that can reach heaven. The tower represents a medium through which men can access God. Men will be taught to try access God through other means apart from the Name of Jesus. The most potent weapon to use is MAMMON. Money will be used to frontier this project. Men will be compelled to use one money(system of transactions). There will be ONE Money. One world united into one unit. There will be an attempt to unite the Languages again. But I hear the Lord say when they shall say peace, peace, peace, then suddenly their desolation shall come. When they shall say peace, peace, peace, I shall raise a rod of Iron to scatter their gathering. And he shall rule in the midst of MY people. And my people shall be separated from these people. I will cause a separation, a setting apart of my people… Trust not in uncertain riches, that’s the vehicle of the thrust of the adversary. Mammon shall be used to advance their agenda. Put not your trust on mammon. Let not mammon entice you, says the Lord. Mammon is gathering worshippers. Mammon is gathering a people. They will be brought from different places on the earth and they will speak on language, death…. Self will be exalted. Mammon will drive self… Self will be more than active. The man shall be strong and shall reach the greatest height of manhood. He is mighty, yet the Lord shall cut him down. Flee, for their desolation will come. I speak life, mammon is death. Think Christ. Live Christ.