When you hear the word ‘addiction’, what literally comes to your mind?
Sex, drugs, …..

Funnily and unfortunately, many of us have so many addictions. Things we love to do and nearly cannot do without. It has formed a major part of our daily living and we are not too comfortable when not done. We can spend the whole of our time, day or night doing this one thing.

Addiction is just being obsessed about something you love to do. One could be addicted to a particular food, cloth, lifestyle, technology gadgets, song, drink, talking style, movie and lots more. It’s hard to always break.

It starts with one loving it but ends with one not able to break away from it. Anything you cannot do without is a kind of addiction. And it doesn’t matter whether they are good or bad, the rigidity of use determines whether it’s an addiction or not.

Spiritual matters…

Many are addicted to listening to messages. And this may seem good at first and sure ought to be good but it takes a different turn when we see that rather than change as a result of these messages, they are still the same.

They grow so much interest to hearing, yet they are not affected by the messages. Their mind have been used to those messages and they reach an opium with listening. Scripture describes them as ‘ever learning, but will not come to the knowledge of the truth’.

These sets of people can almost quote what the preacher is saying because they’ve built so much keenness to hearing, but actually they just listen to pleasures, just to satisfy their listening pleasure.

You find out that they hear these words, but they don’t measure up to these words even years after listening. They are such that have the form of godliness, yet deny the power thereof. By that, they develop hard skin to the word being heard.
The word doesn’t have a landing spot on them. They hear without hearing.

There are some who have developed addictions to good music… All they go to church for is to listen to good music. No more, no less. They cannot be a part of any church setting if the music is not classy and good. They always have strong affinity for music.

They plug their ears to songs, listening from morning to night just to satisfy their addiction. Once the music is right, they assume right. But once the music is not as satisfying as pre-supposed, they disconnect. They are not worshippers of God, but worshippers of good songs. They cannot do without these song. They claim it helps them reach crescendo, but it’s a lie. They just are obsessed with good music.

Some other ones are addicted to being around supposed anointed ones. Once they recognise you as a pastor, or a preacher, they just want to be around you… They go for meetings and all they are waiting for is the end of the programme so they can fraternize with the preacher.

They can spend all their day talking and jesting with the preacher. They are just preacher crazy. No matter what they hear or listen to, they are pastor-crazy. Show them any pastor and they will clung around him/her. They always have something to share with the person.

They always have a problem. They always have something to discuss. They always have something to give just to get closer. They remain ‘babes’ all their lives. They don’t ever grow into maturity. They are also ever learning. Such ones are described as ‘silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lust.’

They pleasure in getting acquainted to these men of God and pride in knowing a large number of them, yet, you cannot find a trace of being around Godly men in them. They turn out to be seductive.

Always looking for an opportunity to seduce the man into loving him/her so as to always have them in mind.They don’t mind to buy their way into the heart of the man of God. This is not just peculiar with women, it also happens with men.

Some are addicted to power. All they live for and desire the most is power. Ability to make things answer to them. Power is good but not desperately pursued.

The unfortunate thing about power addicted people is they can do anything to gain that power. They cannot follow. They always want to lead. Give such an opportunity to do something, (s)he will do it to satisfy personal lust.

Power crazy people end up being satanic. They want to always control result… They always like to be the one making all the decisions. What they say is final. They soon become rigid for correction ‘cos whasoever they say must be so.

Such are ‘Janes and Jambres’ who withstood Moses… They were men brought into leadership but had their own agenda. They are power/result drunm that they always wanted things their own way. So they went against Moses. In describing them, scripture says ‘they resist the truth, they are of corrupt minds, and reprobate concerning the faith’. A reprobate man is one who doesn’t retain God in his heart.

Lots of addiction to discuss… One thing is synonymous to all, they find an opium in doing these things. They are not flexible. They are as rigid as the things they do. They can almost die if they do not get to do their addictions.

God wants us to break away from whatsoever addiction. Some are addicted to wanting people to respect them and show them love. If not, they would almost kill for it. A man of the spirit is like a wind… No rigidity. No addiction.

If any addiction is to be entertained, then it should be doing the will of the Father. Yes. The will of God. This is why I know it’s ok, “man shall not live by bread alone(don’t be addicted to living by bread), but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God(you must live according to the proceeding word).

Many held on to what God said at the expense of what God is saying. Addiction is a religious spirit that binds people in something, one way or the other. Addiction is equal to idolatry.

I pray that God helps us break every form of addiction, known or unknown. Amen.

Oliyide Ayotunde
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