The life of Jesus is captured in this two words, Grace and Truth.

Truth is a spiritual phenomenon that is essential to living right and walking in righteousness. No man can walk worthy of the Lord’s calling without walking in truth.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the Truth and the life, no man come to the Father except through me.”

No man can serve God or walk with God except he is tutored in truth. We need the instrumentation and workings of Truth for us to walk perfectly with God. Truth is a person. Truth is Christ.

Jesus said about the Holy Ghost, “He will not speak of Himself, He will speak of me. He will take of mine and give it to you.” He went further to say about the Holy Ghost, “Howbeit, when the Holy Ghost, the spirit of Truth comes, He will guide you into all compartments(level, stages) of truth.”

Until we know the truth, we will continue to dwell in bounds. We will perpetually live in fear and bondage to sin and death.

In fact, “even when Moses is being read till today, there is a vail that is cast on the people. Moses represents the law. When we walk by the provisions of the law, we walk in limitation, revelation of the sinful life of man without strength to overcome sin.

Consciousness of sin without continuance in the life of righteousness. When we live under the law, we live in fear of possible curse, for cursed is anyone that does not keep the law and when one fails in keeping one of the law, he fails in all.

So, the law provides us with an option to make sacrifices for atonement for our failing to fulfil it. This is big bondage.

So, the scripture says this, “the Law was given by Moses but Grace and Truth came as a result of Jesus coming.” We’ve not just been called out of the Law, we’ve been called into Grace and Truth.

We’ve not just been called out of slavery, we’ve been called into freedom. We’ve not just been called out of bondage, we’ve been called into liberty. We’ve not just been called out of fear, we’ve been called into the Faith.

All we need do is to turn to God, and when you shall turn to the Lord, the vail shall be taken off. And where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Unfortunately, many of us still prefer to hide under the Law. Many still extol the dispensation of the Mosaic law. God is calling us into the dispensation of Grace and Truth.

God is calling us into liberty. God is calling us into the adoption of sons. God is calling us out of the offspring of the bondwoman into the promises of the freewoman. God is calling us into justification. God is calling us into fellowship.

The first Adam lost that fellowship, the second Adam came to restore the fellowship. He has reconciled us back to the Father, not by the Law but by Grace and Truth. Not by works but by faith. Not by walking in the law but by walking and growing in Grace. Not by walking in the flesh but by walking in the spirit.

Grace and Truth is our calling. Our walk is embedded in Grace and truth. We will walk worthy only when we walk in Grace and truth. We will please the Father only when we walk in Grace and Truth.

Grace produces a life a Faith. Grace is God’s endorsement of man and it’s also a divine instrument to terminating the workings of death. Grace is not a license to sin, nor is it a tool for us to live lawless. No. It’s God saying, ‘I put my life in you, I input a life of righteousness in you, so walk in there.’ He will lead me on the path of righteousness, for His name sake… That’s Grace.

Grace and truth is written everywhere in the scripture, yet man loves to see the law. Funnily, the law looks like what we need to make people live right. No, it ensnares the people to becoming more deadly.

Just like the Pharisees, they have the law, yet were bad people. Jesus never condemned anybody in the scripture, yet He was always against the Pharisees and the Sadduceas… Why? They are custodians of the law, yet they fail in the ultimate law of law. They fail to see the spirit being communicated via the law. They only saw rules and regulation which they used to bind people in religion, yet they failed to see the God behind the law.

Friends, we cannot put the new wine in an old wine skin, hence there will be a waste. We need to come out of the law and walk righteousness concious. Grace and Truth is the solution friends…
The Lord bless you with Grace and Truth. Amen.

Oliyide Ayotunde
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