Good morning,

The world has lots of promises, but those promises are traps into death. The world chokes us with lots of vain pursuit that ends up choking away the life of God in us. No position is ever sufficient. No status is ever satisfying. We ought not to be a people driven by worldly lust and desires. The world never brings satisfaction. All you find is a need to acquire more, to pursue more, to get more, more and more until one’s spirit is vexed unto death. And our testimony becomes ‘vanity upon vanity, all is vanity.’ We are not of this world although we live in this world. We need to be separate and come out of the world.
God also has promises for us and His promise is one, Christ. That we may be conformed to His life. The life of Jesus can be summed up in these two words, Grace and Truth. So, rather than continue a vain pursuit of nothingness amounting to vanity, we need to pursue one thing, Christ. To gain Christ is great Gain. Your soul is much more important than gaining the whole world. Nothing can satisfy the soul, only God can. So seek to live in Grace and Truth always. Seek Christ.
God bless you. Have a blessed week.
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