Welcome into another week of Grace and Peace. I’m sure the Lord will preserve all through the week. So, trust and rest in the Lord.

We live in a world were everybody is busy, busy building up vanity and things that will soon pass away. We live in a world where people are not naturally at peace.

There is so much frustration in the hearts of people, on the face of people and it also reflects in their day to day reactions to life’s events. The solution is that we must live our daily lives through the operation of Grace and Peace.

I found a scripture that soothes a life required of us, yet religion has interpreted it otherwise.
“Let your moderation(peace that is not external, Peace that comes from communion with God) be know to all men.” Phil.4:5.

God wants us to live not as the world lives. “My Peace I give unto you, not as the world gives.” The truth is the world does not know peace and cannot give peace. The world and the people of the world are in constant fear and so builds things/structures that can help manage their fears or make them secured a little.

There is no peace anywhere in the world. The unemployed are restless and agitated, even the ones employed feel so unsafe on their jobs and they usually live with the fear of being obsolete and so they are dragged into the mud of reading, reading and reading.

They acquire so much degree that their lives become useless to them and their family but they seem relevant to the society. The Singles are in haste to be engaged and marry, they do all sort of thing so this their dreams can be fulfilled, yet the married ones are in so much regret and wanting a way out.

The few ones who seem to be enjoying marriage have to endure so much so as to stay in the union. Most people live in the fear of a certain or an uncertain tomorrow.

God wants us to live in a peace generated from a communion with Him, not being afraid or fear-filled like other people are. Moderation here means undisturbed by externalities, unaffected by the tumults happening around, undeterred by the challenge of adversity, being in a state of perpetual calmness.

A state of gentleness in spite of the troubles around. Jesus demonstrated that by sleeping in a boat in the very midst of a heavy storm. Other people were sore afraid, yet He was sleeping comfortably. The disciples called Him in fear and great trembling, yet He was unaffected by their disarray.

Let not your peace rest on your finance, job, achievements, securities, houses, business…etc. Once the devil touch all of them, then your peace will be affected. No man can have joy without having peace and also, peace is not known until Joy is known. God dwells in perpetual peace. He is peace…

The scripture calls Him the prince of peace. Without Him you can only know crisis.
Let not your peace comes from your environment(external or internal), let it come from the Lord. And that’s why the scripture also said, “Rejoice in the Lord always, I say rejoice.” There is only one location of Joy, it’s in the Lord for we know that in the presence of God, there is FULNESS of JOY.

I bet you to always have sorrows if your peace is not generated from God. The world is full of tribulations. The world is structured to frustrate man.

So, let your God’s Generated Peace(MODERATION) be known to all men. Have peace even when in crisis. Be relaxed and trust in the Lord. This is not the time to run helter skelter. Stand still and know that the Lord is God.

This is not the time to murmur. This is not the time to say things you’ll regret later. Be at peace. And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.

Oliyide Ayotunde