How often do you wonder whether it is right for man to toil all his life just to make ends meet? How often do you ask why there is so much suffering before one can become great in life?
The Economist said that ‘we have numerous, insatiable wants, yet we have very scarce resource to fulfil these wants’. Also, other scholars said, ‘all we live for is survival of the fittest. We must fight for the little resources available.’ That is always true to the natural life. That is the principle to which the world is run.
These principles came as a result of the fall of man. Man wasn’t created to jostle, bustle and hustle for things(food, cloths, houses and other things we work or live for). Man was created to have dominion above these things. Christ lived above all these things and He challenged us not to live for these things but for to live for one thing, the kingdom.
Unfortunately, everything that man prides himself in came as a result of the fall of man. Adam didn’t need to bath himself before the fall, he didn’t need to brush his mouth before the fall. Adam didn’t need a cloth before the fall, and didn’t need a tailor before the fall.
There is a course designed by God for man to walk in, but man has chosen to walk on the path created by the devil. It is called the principle of the task master. We get so much involved in the natural life that we assume that’s our life. We toil all through the week barely having time to speak to our God. We wake up early to go to work, come back late at night, but we can almost curse the pastor once we’ve stayed too long in the church. We spend the whole week for work(as though that’s the essence of life), yet we spend little time with the essence of life(God). We know so much about the work we do, yet we know only a little about the God that made us. We pride on using the best technologies, drive a good car, attended a good school, wear the best clothing, have the best dictions, yet we do not have a glimpse on who created us and why He created us. We design and know the purpose for which every thing created as a result of fall of man was created, yet we barely find out time to seek the purpose for which we were created. We send our children to the best school only for one reason, to continue the life of the fallen master, submitting to the demands of the task masters.
I was wondering when we will begin to live like Jesus lived. Some would say, don’t you know He is God and lived as God upon the earth? Exactly, we are also gods, and expected to live as gods upon the earth. We are not to submit ourselves to natural things, they are to submit themselves to us. Man has lost his dominion. Man has failed in regaining this dominion because he is still subject to the principle of this world. Man is still being made to walk according to the course set by the prince of the air. Isn’t it amazing that most of our prayer points are a product of the fall? Isn’t it amazing that all we kill for, die for, marry for, give birth for is a product of the fall?
Until we become the image of God again and are after the likeness of the almighty, we may never know dominion. We would never be a man of dominion. We see Jesus Christ, He lived above the principle of the world. People will always give excuse for this, but I choose to live like that. Jesus never worked and even called all His disciples out of their work. Was Jesus lazy? No. The sustenance of man isn’t work, it’s God. When man learns to depend on God rather than work, He’ll experience the super abundant life. In the Kingdom of God, we have numerous resources, only one need. And that need is to gain God. Once you gain God, you have everything you ever needed to live. I wasn’t made to be pursuing after things, things that will perish with the using. I was made to seek one thing, the Kingdom of God and it’s righteousness.
Jesus was described in Hebrew as one who is the brightness of God’s glory, and the express image of His person… Such is a man of dominion. One will say, but that’s Jesus. Have you not read when Jesus said, the glory that you gave me, I’ve given to my disciples(not just Peter, John, Matthew, and co, Paul also, Jude, You and I). Once we are a disciplined follower, then we should partake of this glory.
I made a choice to live against the world system. The world system wasn’t designed for us to be free and have liberty to serve God ‘cos that’s the reason for the creation of man. The world system is designed to choke the life of God out of us. We work for 5(6) days, and 1 day to go to church, even the one day is just maximum of 3 hours. You cannot live like that. To live is to forsake all and follow Jesus. We like to create excuses for ourselves to say, what shall we eat, what shall we wear, and where shall we lay our heads to sleep? Jesus has an answer for you. All these also the gentiles seek. It simply means that’s the way a natural, carnal man thinks. Such a man is described in the scripture as one without Christ, aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world. Does that describe you? No you say. Then why live subject to these things like gentiles. Jesus then went further to say, ponder not, think not and seek not these things for my Father knows that you need all these things. He gave examples of the bird and the sparrow, yet we feel He’s just over stressing this things.
I refuse to continue the order where man lives for these things. I live for one thing, Christ in me, the hope of Glory. If it’s not available in Christ, then it’s not needed. Make a choice now what to live for, whether for the things which perishes with the world, or eternal relevance which is in Christ Jesus. The world will pass away with it’s lust, do want to keep living for the things which will pass away? Listen only one thing will not pass away, the word of God. We must therefore live according to that word, live on the word, die for the word, feast on the word. I refuse to feed on the words of fallen men, men who do not know God. I choose to live for the word of God.