I hope you had a wonderful weekend?
God has called us to live in grace and peace, a life devoid of sufferings as designed and occasioned by men. God has called us to enjoy a super abundance of provisions. Yet, man has not learnt to live as per the provisions of God, but has been engaged in daily toiling for what to eat, drink, wear and other ambitious living.
Grace is an endorsement, it requires little or none of your personal effort. It only requires you to depend on the author and finisher of life. Wonder why Jesus called His followers out of their natural work and brought them to walking with Him in what seem to be an aimless, directionless and purposeless wandering around Israel, teaching and doing miracles? He was teaching them to live against the principles of this world, to live by grace and in peace. And one day He asked them if they lacked anything, having sent them to do His type of vocation, they said NO.
Peace is a product of living as God wants us to live. Nothing in this world gives peace. So, to live in Grace and peace, we must redefine our pursuit and focus on God. God bless your day.
Grace and Peace be multiplied unto you.
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