Death means separation from life…. Death also means emptiness to life…. To be ‘dead to sin’ is to be emptied of the life of sin. To be separated from the life of sin. When the scripture said, ‘Reckon yourself dead to sin…’, it means empty yourself of the life of Sin. It’s a two way thing, God separates you from the life of sin, and also demands that you empty yourself of every attachment to that life. So, He says to you, ‘mortify your members…’.I absolutely believe I’ve been made free from the life of sin, separated unto God. I also need to empty myself of every attachment to the life of sin. Don’t look too far for what sin is. ‘Sin’ is a life outside God. It’s is also called ‘unbelief’.That’s why it is not law that can save man from sin. No. Never can the law bring one out of sin. Only Grace can. So, we see that the law strengthens man to be sin concious, but grace produces a sin-free life. Hence, we all need to abound in grace.