A successful man is not he that has got all that he wants in life and has achieved all that he ever desired in his life. Solomon almost had all he ever dreamt of, yet in conclusion he declared all to be vanity upon vanity.
A successful man is defined by how much positive impact you make in the lives of the people. Jesus Christ had so much impact that for over thousands of years, He is still the subject of daily living. He is full of Grace and Truth, and so must our lives.
This is the will of God for you, ‘that you may prosper and be in good health even as your SOUL prospers.’ Any prosperity that eventually leads to the loss our soul isn’t one at all for the value of one man’s soul is much more costlier than the entire world.
God is calling you unto a higher calling. God is calling you unto a life of impact, a life being run by righteousness. A life designed to operate by grace and truth. Righteousness exalts, sin is a reproach.
God bless you.