I hear in my spirit Grace for Grace… Peace.. “I will multiply grace unto you and will bring you into peace. My grace will cover you from all evil and you’ll experience peace like never before. You will not fear nor quake for my Grace will bring you eternal Peace.” I hear God say “I’m pouring out Grace unto my people. Whilst the people will be afflicted with gross darkness, I will establish my people in grace and utmost peace. My people shall dwell in absolute peace. Whilst there will be shouting of wars around, my people shall be full of Grace and shall be at peace.” Grace is an endorsement. “I will endorse you and cause you to ride upon the high places without fear. I will bring you to tables of honour and will increase your capacity to receive me.” “The more you receive me says the Lord, the more grace is poured upon you and you’ll partake of my peace. I dwell in peace says the Lord, so I will visit you will peace.” The Word of the Lord laid in my heart for 2014. Grace and peace be multiplied unto you.

I hear God say, “I’ll take away every confusion that has locked you down. I will open you up to endless possibilities. I will multiply options for you but I will also brig you clarity of choice. You will know what to do and you will do it without stress. I also hear God say, I will instruct you in the night seasons. Night seasons relate to inactive periods of rest. I will cause you to rest in me says the Lord. You will not run helter skelter in search of help. I will help you for you will suddenly realise, I am your eternal help. For some of us here, I hear the Spirit of the Lord say, I will cause your natural source to seize, so you can look unto me for sustenance. You have trusted too much in what your hands can do, it my time to show you what I can do. I will bring to the point of total trust in me says the Lord.” I also hear the Lord say, “shall I not cause my counsel to come to pass, have I not spoken it, shall it not be fulfilled”. This is the counsel of the Lord concerning His people, “draw near unto me, call upon me and I will draw near unto you and cause you to ride upon the wings of time. I will defeat the natural course of life to bring you into super abundance of help. I will reverse the order of life to bring you into divine order. The weak will be stronger than the strongest. The poorest in the Kingdom shall be more blessed than the richest in Babylon. I will cause wisdom to dwell among you, I will bring swiftly upon you my understanding. You will know the times and bring orderliness to the seasons. You will instruct the kings and princes of this world and they will listen. I will bring upon you the spirit of counsel and might and you shall utter the word of the Lord with clarity. Walk with me and be thou perfect says the Lord. I will cause this to be fulfilled in you. I will work in you till you are fit for my agenda. I will not let you stray away. I will guide you with truth in love. I will cause you to walk on my path and you will come into eternal life. The grace of the Lord will accomplish this and peace shall Sustain you.”