The world does not know peace and so cannot define peace. It doesn’t have peace so cannot give peace. All attempts for the definition of peace by the world and its scholars have proved unsuccessful. The world was not designed to give man peace. There are many worldly designs structured to sap our peace away. The world tries to choke peace and joy out of every one. From the birth of man till the death of man, everything around him is designed to bring discomfort rather peace. The best of man’s invention designed to bring comfort come with a bigger level of discomfort.
Here is the good news. There’s only one who has peace. He is Jesus Christ, The Prince of Peace. Desire Peace? Then let Jesus be in you and you in Jesus.
John 16:33- These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. This world only knows to produce tribulation, not peace. This is what it means, Jesus says to us, my word is able to bring you into eternal peace. Anything outside my word generates tribulation(multiplication of internal and external wars and conflicts). The world can only produce conflicts, Christ produces Peace.
The kingdom of God is righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost. What we have in the Kingdom is Peace and joy. Come to the Kingdom that you may experience righteousness, Peace and Joy forever. Amen. Have a blessed day.

Oliyide Ayotunde.