I don’t want to be seen as the greatest man that lived on the face of the earth. I don’t intend to be the richest dude in world history. I don’t crave for being the smartest/most intelligent man that ever existed. I don’t want to be the greatest evangelist or best pastor that ever lived. I don’t ever desire the best titles the world can offer. But this one thing I desire, that my Father will speak concerning me, ‘This is my beloved son, in whom I’m well pleased’. I want to be a partaker in His Kingdom.

I do not desire the best inventions of men. I do not desire the greatest of the notions of men. I do not opt for the best option man has to offer. I do not long for the best comfort man can give. I’m do not aspire for the most exciting fun the world has got. This is all I desire, to live according to the word of my Father all day long.