Don’t let the devil win the talk. Don’t let him make you turn back. You’ve gone too far to turn back. I guess you’re tired! Yes, that’s a good spot. Is.40:29 says, He gives power to them that faint(too weak to take a stand), and to them that have no might, He increases strength. All you need is to wait upon the Lord. You’ve gone too far to turn back. Does this sound like an encouragement to one? Yes, that’s the intent. Though you’ve suffered so much, just hold on. The darkest hour is the closest to the dawn on a new day. Keep breathing, don’t stop walking. The devil upgrades his threat when we are about to break forth. The stiffest opposition comes when you’re near the promise land. They are giants you say, that unbelief God says. The wall of Jericho looks insurmountable, but it will only take praising God to bring them down. Friends, I choose to defile the odds like Joshua and Caleb did, to say with assurance, God is able to give us the land, we will go and prevail to possess our possession. I hear Christ say to us, Comfort ye, comfort ye my People.