Someone shared a dream she had with me and I feel I should also share it with that we may benefit from it and be warned also about the impending danger of this worldly lust.

My dream goes thus;

Like I was in a place & it was as if that place was a big industry, they improve people lives by using technology in a way, to improve people’s brain power.

The owner of that place is called “madam”. She had lots of fans, people loved her & loved what she was doing. And many people were going to that place to be ‘improved’……

My brother too went, I was kind of in support at first, the process was in stages, in the first stage, they implant something in their head that makes them think like a computer. So he(my brother) had gone through the first stage, he was like the madam said he should come back for the next stage….

But I didn’t know what happened, I went to the place where the thing was going on, I now found out that some people have turned into zombies, like robots following orders. I now got scared….

I stylishly ran/sneaked away. When I got home, I gathered some of my trusted friends, plus my brother, and told them what I saw, that the madam was actually cloning people into something else..

We found out that she was building a soldier for herself. So my friends were like, we cant tell any other person, because they wont believe us, people loved & trusted the madam. And if they suspect rivalry, they might capture us.

So we decided that on our own and by ourselves, we’ll destroy the madams plans. Since my brother was already going through the process we decided to use him, so that he’ll leak some of her secrets.

We then locked ourselves up with padlock so that no one will know what we are doing. At last, People started suspecting us because the walls were not well covered. They had openings.
And so I woke up…

This dream reminds me of Revelation 17,18, and 19, where the scripture talked extensively about the mother of whoredom, Babylon and how she has made men to drink from the cup of her whoredom.

Rev. Helen Oyegoke said we need to become ‘ZOMBIES’ to God, else, we will become Zombies for the devil. We need to be warned about the culturing that is going on in the world, where the people of the world are being trained to give worship not to the lamb but to the devil.

These operation is being carried out by the use of the most potent weapon of the devil- the love of the world, which operates with the use of three key instruments, The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the Pride of life. And so, if we harbour these spirit of satanic worship in us, we cannot worship the father in spirit and in truth. The love of the Father cultures us to give sincere worship to the Father.

The devil introduced death to man by activating something in man called ‘the will of man’.

What God gave Adam to live with was the ‘will of God’ that propels man to offer his life as a worship to God and man was never self seeking. The ‘I’ in man wasn’t active. Man lived for God only. Man never lived for himself. But the devil introduced self to man, the iniquity that was found in him also when he thought in his heart and made five ‘I will’ pronouncement.

So, don’t fall prey to the devil again as he is building men to stand against God. Right now men may not say with their mouth that they are against God, but this is how you will know, check out what that man loves. Is it propelled by God? Does he live for God or for self? Yet, not in a distant time, soon man will openly declare his enmity with God. When man would have reach his climax, that the mark of the beast. The perfect sealing of man to serve the beast and to live for the beast.

Friends, sorry this may be long, but I want us to begin to desire a life of true worship to God. Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world, when you love the world, the love of the Father is not in you. Jesus said, you cannot serve two masters, you cannot serve mammon(the instrument of the world lustful desiring), and serve(worship) God.

Know ye not that to whom you yield yourselves servant to obey, the servant you will be. Whether to sin unto death or of obedience unto righteousness? Rom.6:16

Let’s yield ourselves unto God and we will not fulfil the lust of the flesh… By walking in the Spirit.

Those born of the flesh will serve the flesh unto death and those born of the Spirit will serve the spirit in truth. For the Lord is that Spirit and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty to worship.

God bless your heart..

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