As I stepped out of bed now to eat some food, I heard in my spirit, ‘As a man suddenly grows distaste for certain meals, so also will I train you to grow distaste for sin. Don’t force it by putting laws around youself, it will only make you become more evil. As you follow me and obey my commandments, suddenly you will realise how much you’ve grown to hate sin(evil). Righteousness would have been wrought in you to the point of total dislike for earthly pleasures and sin. It’s all in doing one thing, follow me, obey my instructions per time.’

It will be natural… You will not force yourself. It will come naturally. You would not even know when the work is done, you will just realise something is wrong with your configuration towards the taste for sin. Like the enemy sowed tares when man slept, so also the Lord will do a silent work in righteousness. He will prune us of the life of sin and grow in us the seed of righteousness. Peace and order will be restored in us. Just following and obeying His words.

There shall come a time when we will fully armed with truth and righteousness, that we will be so consumed with the gospel of Christ, being a prisoner of Christ(not just for). There shall be a deluge of grace that will flood our hearts, this will spurn us to live righteous.

Christ is coming again… There is a triumphant entry into Jerusalem and the people will rejoice at His coming. But He will not just stay there partying and feasting, He will go into the temple to overthrow the machandise of the money changers and sellers. He will chase out iniquity and forestall righteousness. He will restore prayers(communion with the father) in the temple of the Lord again. The only transaction in the temple would be people talking(communing) with their Lord. The Lord will be exalted again in His temple. Sin and iniquity(the life of Babylon) shall be completely chased out and destroyed. Righteousness and truth will meet again. Mercy and grace will be expressed in the people again.

These are times when we will say again, ‘the spirit of the Lord God is upon me…’ Is.61. And we will be resolute at bringing to fulfilment the revealed word of the Lord. All shall prophesy, even the least. God bless our hearts as we receive this prophecy.