Isaiah 4:1,2 Explained

1 And in Yom Hahu (that day) sheva nashim (seven women) shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own lechem, and wear our own clothes; only let us be called by thy shem, to take away our disgrace. 2 In Yom Hahu shall the Tzemach Hashem be beautiful and glorious [See the word “kavod,” Isaiah 11:10], and the p’ri ha’aretz shall be the ga’on (pride) and glory for them that are escaped [see the word she’ar remnant, Isaiah 11:11] of Yisroel.

1 And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, “We will eat our own food and wear our own apparel; Only let us be called by your name, To take away our reproach.”

The Renewal of Zion

2 In that day the Branch of the Lord shall be beautiful and glorious; And the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and appealing For those of Israel who have escaped.

Let’s check the elements involved. Let’s click on individual Icon in the prophesy
Our food: food is sustenance. What we consume and grow by. We will not eat from you, but we will eat our ‘own’ food. Don’t be our source, we will sustain ourselves. We just want to be named with you, we don’t want to eat what you eat.

Apparel(Cloths): covering. We don’t want you to be our covering. We will retain our traditions, cultures, ethics, principle. All these will not be influenced by God, but we will run our program, agenda, visions, plans and purposes. We will generate ideas that soothe us, not your own. We will call comedians to make us laff, we don’t want your joy. We will build big houses and put heavy security men, not your protection. We will be our own covering.

Only let us bear your name: let’s not be an outcast, one without a name. Let’s be associated with you although we have nothing in common. We will try to look like you but we are never like you. We will like to take your form but we have our form. We will pattern our lives to resemble yours, although we will never come to resemble you. Only let us be associated to you by name not by life. A generation whose lips call God, but her heart is far from God. A people who are God’s people but sold out to satanic ways and courses.

Take away our reproach: make us rich, make us wealthy, make us famous. Truly, by association with you, we can be all these. We can have money, drive big cars, paint the town red, empower ourselves. We don’t want to be seen as less privileged. We don’t want to be a people who lack and lag in all these things. Take away our reproach(poverty, hunger, untimely death, witchcraft attacks…).
Afterwards(after vs 1), there is no a need to redeem Zion. Because Zion is dead. Zion has strayed away. So, A Branch must be raised. There will now be fruitfulness on earth again.