I have never prayed for a better experience, but this I have set my sight to see, and my mind to picture, Jesus walking to the cross in victory, and dying in victory and He resurrecting by the power of the Holy Ghost in Victory. That I crave to understand. Oh, what a wonderful experience! It is more than dancing or crying… It is Grace being released to man to walk the way to death, and be raised in righteousness unto the Lord. Grace and Truth I seek. Mercy would not let me stray away.

When all was gain for me, I count it loss. When all was profit to me, I count it loss. These I seek to become, The son of God whose manifestation is to come. My best achievement is my chiefest distraction. My greatest earthly quest is my biggest problems. Yet, I hear my Lord say to my Lord, sit at my right hand until I make your enemy your footstool. I have laboured to get the victory, yet, I hear my Lord say, rest in me for the battle is mine. All you need do is rest. The world has thought me to pursue the world with my faith. Yes, my faith. That also I must submit to God for I must not live by my faith but by the Faith of the son. The son doesn’t seek His own glory He tells me. The victory of the son, is the victory of the Father. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered. I lay down my faith so I can lay hold on His faith. I lay down my crown, so I can lay hold on His crown. I lay down my victories and achievements so, I can lay hold on His. At the end, it won’t be about me, but all about Him. I lay down my life, so you can have it all.