Bless the Lord oh my soul. Bless the Lord all His Host. For He has triumph over His people. He is King over all. He is Lord over His people. He rules in the affairs of man. He is exalted fa above the heavens. Far are His thoughts. Exalted are His ways. I will come to Him in Faith. I will follow after His righteousness. For He will cause me to ride upon His chariot. He will cause me to stay in His pavilion. He will lead me to a place called Rest. I will rest in the Lord for in Him is Rest. I will not be unstable like the waters of the earth. I will bless the Lord at all times for He is Good. In His goodness, He has redeemed me and by His love, He has reconciled me back to Himself. Salvation has come to me by His Grace, hence goodness and mercy are my companion. He will lead me into all truth, for I will follow Him like a lamb. Shepherd of my soul, oh Lamb of God. You will save my soul to the utmost. I will sing and shout alleluia! Praise the Lord at all time, for He is good.

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