He that walk and works in darkness is controlled by fear. The dark commands fear. I am love. I am light. I cast away fear. I rebuke fear. I have not give you the spirit of fear, but I have ordained you with power, love and sound mind. Just arise and take your place in me. Do not walk as the children of the world walks, in the vanity of their mind, the gods of this earth has blinded their eyes, so they walk in darkness. Darkness is prevailing on the ones who seek vanity. For with vanity seeking comes the path of the dark. It is a course planned by the wicked one to lead people into outer darkness. Take up my Light. Walk in my light. There is no fear in light. There is no fear in love. I conquered fear a long time ago. I declared my light on the earth. I declared my strength upon my people. My light is knowledge. Seek my light. Seek my ways. I am light.