I write to you all from my heart… Please follow my instructions. Please listen to the voice of God in me. Please obey the word of the Lord and live by it.

The world is presenting entertainers in the place of ministers. They do a show in the church and do not give the people salvation. They make the people their baits, always running after them in search for prosperity and so-called deliverance.

They show the people signs without showing them God. They milk the people without even providing them with milk of the word. They consume the people as meat without giving them the meat of the word.

Who shall then save the people from the once who prey on them? Who shall deliver the people from den of lions they’ve found themselves? Who shall then separate this people from these lies? What shall we say to prevent the people from further destruction?

The prophets have laid a snare for them. The pastors have led them into the pit. The Bishops have built a shop around them. The Apostle send them for foods. Who shall deliver the people from the paths?

I call for justice, says the Lord. I call for righteousness. I call a people devoted unto me alone, says the Lord. I seek they who have not lifted up their soul unto vanity and has not sworn deceitfully. These people are driven in their vanity and has believed in the deceptions of the last days.

But I will culture a people, I will take them out of the systems of this world. I will take them out of the comforts of this earth. I will distort their peace that I may teach them my peace. I will take away their comfort so they can trust me for comfort. I will overthrow the machandise of wickedness and I will establish my house as a place of prayer, not a place for preyers.

I will send these ones into the wilderness to be tried and tested, so I can reveal them in the power of the Spirit. I will break the status quo and bring the least to the fore front. I will embark on a restructuring and declare that I am the Holy One. I will teach them to walk on waters. They shall be resolute and will be against the systems of Babylon.

They shall be a strong people because I will make them stronger than the strongest in this world. I will build them as an army unto me. They shall defeat the best of Babylonian magician. They will know me and I will instruct them to follow me. They will follow my voice. They will be instructed in the ways of the Lord.

Therefore, the name of Lord shall be established on the earth once again by these people. They shall declare the name of the Lord openly, without fear and shame. They shall uphold the name of YAHWEH and break down altars built to these earthy gods. They shall not be afraid of divination. They shall be a strong people.

Seek me with a pure heart, for the Lord looks at the intent of the heart. He judges the composition of the heart. The harvest is here. It’s time to separate the wheat from the tares. The time is here.

Brace up and follow the voice of the one that is speaking. I will make my voice known to you, yet, you must be willing to follow. For two shall be on the field, and I take one and leave the other. The son speaks expressly. Hear the Son speak.

Give yourself to the voice of the son. For the voice of the son is blessing. The son has life and life is being transferred to you thru His voice. As He speaks to you, you are being built into the image of the son. So, keep looking unto Him, for in Him is eternal life, for only Him has the word of eternal life. Hear ye Him. Listen to the son speak. Listen and live. Amen.