Please as many of us as are on this path of Grace and truth, let us hold on to our Lord. Let us keep walking the path God has called us into. There are many things that look like the gospel, they even have demonstrations and show of power, but they are a deviation from the Gospel. They are engineered towards self. They are prepared not to bring the people closer to God, but to further lure the people away from the Path of righteousness. If only we can be willing to continue, the Lord will empower us to. If only we can trust God for help, He will be there always to help us. I see a people running after the shadow at the expense of the real thing. I see a people drawn away unto their lustful desires and they conjure things unto attaining that which they’ve conceived in their heart. My people, let us pursue after righteousness. Let us develop affection and love for righteousness and let us hate iniquity. Inquity is pursuing a life not engineered by the Holy Ghost. Iniquity is walking in the conceptual framework of the fallen nature. We are to be led by the Spirit, yet I see a people running after the gods of their heart. Not just their heart, but it is a chart or course presented to them by the devil through societal pressures and models. My friends, if only we can seek first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness, we will live in a guarantee of added advantage. Stop pursuing the world…. Stop chasing after vainities. The world will be shaken and all that is within it, but only those that hold on to the one that cannnot be shaken will abide. If only we can trust in God, we will be as mount Zion that abides forever and can never be moved. Wait on the Lord, for He will renew your strength. Do not follow the companies of evil doers, their end has come. Don’t perish with the world. Hold on to the Lord, for the the name of the Lord is a strong tower, the RIGHTEOUS runs into it and are saved. Only they that endure to the end shall be saved. Wait on Him that you may be saved. God bless and sustain you in Grace. Amen.