It was interesting knowing that he had sex with you. It was hilarious to learn that a revered man of God had a carnal knowledge of you. It quickly became your step into stardom and popularity. Alas, the news is everywhere that a so-called man of God was sexually involved with you. What a pity? The world was quick to throw stones at this man, perhaps because they expected him to be near God and he showed he is nothing near God. Perhaps, they were looking for a crack to hit at the work which seem to have prospered in his hand. So, the stage was perfectly set for you to become more famous. Who is Ese Walter? I don’t know. I don’t know what pedigree she’s got. Oh, you suffered so much abuse when you were young, so, you want to take revenge on respected men. Yes, He goofed. Pst. Fatoyinbo fumbled, that’s if you were not the one who ensnared him to such indelectable event. I’m surprised as the news quickly became a best seller. I thought it was suppose to be a shame that a man of God fell through you being an accomplice. Yet, the world would like your story because one way or the other, people are looking for the faults in men of God. And also. I found out it became your step to stardom. Having carefully followed the news from far and being a neutral, I feel I the right to my opinion. Atleast let one be the devil’s advocate if you may say.
Fatoyinbo Biodun is God’s elect. I am not his member neither do I serve under any of his branches, but wait, should the anointed of the Lord be treated like a dog? He might have lived in compromise, but not you to judge or nail him. I refuse to believe it was not a set-up to foster your popularity. Well, I like to ask, are you completely exonerated from this? Why is the world looking towards this COZA pastor alone as the one who has committed the wrong? I thought two were involved? Is Ese Walter not wrong to have slept with a man who has a wife?
This man is God’s elect. My perception, you lured him into it. God still loves him. God is still with him. I’m sure God loves you too. I’m sure He desires you to lead a better life. But I’m sure, one day, you’ll look back and say, had I known….
Repent now and be ye saved.